• May 21, 2021
    I’ve been a freelance content writer for a little under two years now and …
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  • August 12, 2021
    *This is a contributed post Getting your website seen by more people can be challenging, …
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    *This is a contributed post Stress is normal, but too much of it can create …
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  • * This is a contributed post Let’s face it, you want to get your website …
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    *This is a contributed post Whether you are starting a home business or using an …
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  • Building A Website That Actually Converts

    Anyone can build a website, but very few people know how to build one that will convert. Hopefully, these five tips will help you to be one of the few who do.

    How To Better Handle Your Digital Customer Service

    The internet really is both a blessing and a curse for modern-day businesses. On the one hand, they can easily reach their target customers, but on the other, should anything go wrong, the internet makes sure that everyone knows about it.  With the vast majority of businesses now using Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to communicate with their customers, social media…

    Putting Your Health First When You Work From Home

    Working from home was becoming more common before the Covid-19 outbreak, but millions more are now spending long periods of time stationed at the kitchen and dining room tables. Whether you’re a freelancer who is used to spending time at home, or you’ve temporarily switched to home-working as a result of the lockdown, it’s vital to put your health first.…

    Five Lifestyle Items That I, A Professional Writer, Cannot Live Without.

    Over the last twelve months, I’ve learned a lot about writing for a living, and have purchased my fair share of ‘things’ that I felt I needed or that promised to make me more productive. Some of them I still use today, whereas others were quickly relegated to the bottom drawer. Here’s a little list of some of the lifestyle items that made my cut this year.

    How To Take The Leap From Full-Time Employment To Freelance

    Let’s face it the elephant in the room when someone decides to jump from full-time employed to a freelancer or business owner is ‘how can they afford to do it?’ So let’s talk about it.