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  • Beef & Brew- Kentish Town – A review

    Beef and brew

    An absurdly short walk from Kentish Town Station Beef & Brew was our restaurant of choice for a meal before a gig at The Kentish Town Forum. A quick look on the internet showed promising reviews and the carnivore in me couldn’t resist the lure of a hearty steak before a night out.

    As a small restaurant, there was limited seating and it came as no surprise that we needed to wait about 20 minutes for a table. We hopped across the road to the pub and had a drink, anticipating what was to come.

    More than ready to order we took our seat at the shimmering, golden bar and were greeted by a friendly face who poured us a pint of the house-lager. In case the name hadn’t given it away this is a venue that chooses to do two things very well, beef and beer. Honest and simplistic this was seriously good food. The rustic paper menus have barely enough dishes to fill them and choice is relatively limited. If you’re vegetarian then this probably isn’t the place for you with a lonely veggie burger the only non-meat option. But this is not about the vegetables, no sir, this is about the steak and all the wonderful things that go with it.

    We tried two steaks from the menu, the Galician Sirloin, a marbled meat from 14-year-old cows that are reared in Galicia, Spain and the Rib-eye. Both ordered medium rare they came on wooden boards with sharp steak knives, seasoned perfectly and with a beautiful char. There was a choice of sauces from chimichurri to truffle hollandaise, each designed to compliment the steak perfectly. The chimichurri cut through the richness of the steak with a herby bite leaving the palate clean but alive. The peppercorn was creamy and indulgent intensifying the beefy flavour and leaving you wanting more. Undeniably impressed we both agreed that they were the best steaks we had ever had. A compliment I don’t give away lightly. The amount of flavour in the Galician Sirloin was unbelievable, causing the conversation to ceace completely as we chewed slowly savouring every morsel.

    Galician Sirloin

    Although the steak took centre stage the sides were also not to be missed. The chunky chips were the thickest I’ve had and were practically a quarter of a potato each and the Poutine, a combination of chips, gravy and beer cheese, was a marvel.

    It’s a shame I’ve only just discovered this gem in Kentish town, I’ll be back!

    *PS Apologies for the poor photography, in all honesty, my hunger pushed the blogger in me aside and I snapped two very poor images before tucking right in and demolishing the lot. Perhaps that’s even better praise than the review?




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