How To Take The Leap From Full-Time Employment To Freelance

Let’s face it the elephant in the room when someone decides to jump from full-time employed to a freelancer or business owner is ‘how can they afford to do it?’ So let’s talk about it.

How I Treat Myself In The Midst Of The Winter Blues

Self-care can mean different things to different people, but here are some of the things I do when I’m feeling blue.

Staying Motivated As A Freelancer – What Has Worked For Me

Motivation is a funny thing, it comes, it goes, it visits for an hour, then goes on holiday for days, you can’t tell when it will reappear or when it will vanish, but one thing is for sure, your working day is better when it’s around.

Gousto – HelloFresh – All Plants – How Do They Really Stack Up?

It wasn’t until trying HelloFresh, that I realised how good Gousto truly was, as two huge competitors they do a lot of things very similarly but at the end of the day Gousto comes out on top every time, and here’s why.

How Do Blogs Become Full-Time Businesses?

Blogging is often seen as a hobby; potentially a hobby that can generate a (sometimes very lucrative) income, but still something that is done alongside a day job rather than replacing it – a balance that undoubtedly works very well for many bloggers.  However, some blogs transcend the “hobby” descriptor and become full-time occupations. If you’ve ever been curious about…

6 Acoustic Artists, You’ve Probably Never Heard Of But Should Listen To Immediately.

When it comes to music taste I can safely say that mine is fairly broad. I love everything from pop to rock and have even been known to listen to a little bit of metal mixed in with some classical piano. Working from home a lot I have Spotify on practically 12 hours a day and so through their playlists,…

Most Affordable Cities to Live In

The cost of owning and renting a home has become a hot button topic in recent years. Housing costs have gone up, and many people are unable to afford their own homes. Young people are often drowning in school loans and other debt, simply unable to save up for a house. Living in a city with a high cost of…