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  • A quick European holiday accommodation guide

    A quick European holiday accommodation guide

    When travelling there are lots of things to consider. Your flights, transfers, train tickets, the language, the food, the culture and of course the accommodation. I’ve really only travelled in Europe, so this quick guide will be centred around your accommodation options in this diverse continent.

    In the warmer countries like France, Spain and Greece, which have a distinctively Mediterranean feel, Villas are one of the most popular and common forms of accommodation for locals and tourists alike. A Villa was originally a Roman country house and came in all shapes, sizes and luxury levels. This is also true of today, with villas used as a blanket term for a more rural dwelling. If you type into Google ‘Greece Villas to Rent, Luxury Greek Villa Holidays | Villas in Greece’ the variety will astonish you. Villas, therefore, are suitable for nearly anyone, coming with self-catering and catered options, pools, BBQ’s and more. Spend some time doing your research and there’s bound to be a villa to suit you.

    For those that prefer a self-catering option in a city then an apartment is almost always the way to go. With websites such as Airbnb making it super easy to find the perfect pad, you can live like a local. With an apartment, you can immerse yourself in more residential parts of the city, shop for groceries and feel a part of the culture. I don’t know about you but exploring foreign supermarkets has always been something I’ve loved to do. Finding new ingredients and cooking up a variation of a local dish.

    For those on a budget or simply looking for more basic accommodation then a hostel will fit the bill perfectly. I feel like hostels have gained a bad reputation, even the word hostel sounds like ‘hostile’ and doesn’t conjure up the best feelings. But hostels can provide you with a great, often central, location at a fraction of the cost of a hotel or apartment. Once again researching is the way to go and with TripAdvisor and other review sites, it is now easier than ever to find a nice one and avoid the bed bugs. Some hostels have their own kitchenettes, lockers for personal belongings and other quirky features like common rooms and their own bar. If you’re travelling solo they can also be a great place to meet other solo travellers. Lodges
    In the colder parts of Europe, you probably won’t find many villas, but you will find some beautiful winter lodges. In countries like Sweden and Finland, this sort of accommodation is the best you can find, and it will often come with features like saunas and hot tubs. Who doesn’t want to sit outside in the snow nice and warm in a hot tub? Bringing the Scandinavian and hygge vibe lodges feel like great family accommodation or are perfect for a romantic getaway. Once again you’ll find self-catered and catered options available with a variety of extras to suit every budget.

    Sorry, what? You heard me right. Throughout Europe, there are plenty of medieval buildings which have managed to survive hundreds of years of punishment and can provide you with a truly magical experience. Castles, Chateau’s and stately homes are often opening their doors to the public in order to capitalise on the tourist trade. Bagging a room in one of these beautiful and historic places can turn your holiday into something truly special. This one isn’t for the budget travellers and you can expect to be looking at the premium end of your budget for this kind of experience. What sort of places do you like to stay when travelling?












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