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  • 3 places I’d love to visit in Scotland

    3 places I’d love to visit in Scotland

    For the autumnal weekend getaway or a winter’s week away, Scotland has long been on my bucket list. It sits in my mind as a place filled with wonders, history and culture. Yet despite living in the UK, I have never visited, something I am hoping to change shortly. 

    Arthurs Seat

    It seems that most people who visit Scotland are primarily fascinated by its history. I’ve heard time and time again that Arthur’s Seat is a must see when visiting this beautiful land. Arthur’s Seat is one of four historic hill forts, aged at around two thousand years or so. If you know me then you’ll be aware that I’ve spent my fair share of time around historic monuments during my Classics degree and never cease to be amazed by their whimsical charm. As a lover of the countryside a budding rambler Arthurs Seat also offers terrific views from its high vantage point. 

    Edinburgh Festival

    Although Scotland has always been in my mind a rural and wild place I’d also love to visit the Edinburgh Festival. This festival has become so well well known in recent years, primarily for its comic acts, and has since been labelled as one of the top things to do in Edinburgh. But it’s not just the comedians that grace the Edinburgh streets during this wacky festival, there’ll also be acrobats, jugglers and live musicians. It sounds like a welcoming city-wide party!  

    Stirling Castle

    Yes, back at it again with the history. Sorry, I can’t help it! Is it even possible to visit Scotland without seeing a castle? I think not. There’re so many beautiful castles to visit so for this blog post I’ve picked just one; Stirling Castle, which dominates the skyline for miles with its ancient Renaissance architecture. You can climb up to the top of its high stone walls and visit some of the battlefields where many of the UK’s bloodiest battles were fought, and it has been home to a considerable number of Scottish monarchs over the years. For a history nut like myself, I could spend an entire holiday touring around castles and leave a very happy person indeed. 

    These are just three of the things that are on my must do list when visiting Scotland. Have you ever been before? Are there any places you can recommend? 


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