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  • 3 breathtaking destinations for a summer holiday


    We may be experiencing some of the warmest weather on record in the UK at the moment but that doesn’t stop us seeking out those breathtaking destinations for a summer holiday. And that’s because holidays are about so much more than just a change in temperature; they’re about culture, atmosphere and a change in surroundings, some of which truly take your breath away.

    If you’re thinking of a little trip away then here are three off the beaten track and breathtakingly beautiful destinations you should consider.


    Taormina is a hill-top town located on the east coast of Sicily, in the shadow of the beautiful Mount Etna. Perched atop a hill approximately 250 metres above sea level, this destination offers some spectacular scenic views and access to crystal blue waters. The island offers accommodation to suit the tastes of everyone, from classic hotels and resorts to b&bs. But to truly experience the Sicilian culture and get a taste of the local vibe, one may rent out one of the many luxury villas available in Taormina.

    Just below the towering Taormina is the tiny island of Isola Bella. Connected to the mainland by a single, narrow track the island is often cut off completely depending on the tides. Until the 1990’s the island was privately owned but now is a nature reserve with an abundant population of lizards, birds and sunbathers.

    For those who like a bit of history, Taormina also boasts a beautiful Greco Roman Theatre that overlooks the Ionian Sea. A popular tourist destination the theatre is in such good condition that it still hosts concerts and theatre performances to this day and would be a truly unforgettable experience.




    Bonifacio is a beautiful town situated on the southern tip of Corsica, perched atop a limestone pedestal and comes with its own Medieval Citadel. The houses and citadel rise effortlessly from the cliff edge and overlook a natural glistening harbour. Just 12km from Sardinia, Bonifacio has a distinctively more Italian feel than French and even has its own dialect based on Ligurian Italian.

    The harbour boasts many cafe’s, bars and restaurants and is the perfect destination to sit and relax whilst the world goes by. Alternatively, you can explore the old town with its historical churches and ramparts.



    Corfy is an Island located off of Greece’s northwest coast. The resting point for the mythical Odysseus before his long journey home Corfu continues to be the go-to destination for travellers to unwind and relax. With clear lime seas and sandy beaches Corfu is a fantastic destination for those who love the beach but also poses beautiful Venetian buildings and a bustling centre filled with shops, bars and restaurants.

    For the foodies amongst us, Corfu also boasts bountiful olive groves, kumquat orchards and bee hives and a rich food history just waiting to be explored.

    And for those who like to escape into nature a 40 mintue walk will lead you to Arkoudilas beach, an unspoilt cove with crystal clear waters and white rising cliffs.


    The earth has so many beautiful destinations to offer, where would you go next? 


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