March 2018

Harmonics in Space – True Zen in London

March 29, 2018 Favourites, Lifestyle, Travel
Now Exhibition London

I vow to always be 100% truthful with my readers. So I best disclose that I’m writing this after a few more than a couple of G&T’s. Why? Because it’s Friday and I’ve just smashed another week of adulthood. (Editors note, it was when this post was scheduled)   You may be wondering how my alcohol consumption and Friday feeling have anything to do with this post. Well, I can tell you now it has everything to do with this post because withoutRead More

Beautiful lingerie for bigger busts

March 28, 2018 Favourites, Lifestyle, Review
Lingerie for fuller busts

The female form is beautiful, coming in all shapes and sizes and it seems that finally brands are taking note and building lingerie to suit a wider variety of female bodies. Now I can’t speak for anyone else’s body shape but I have definitely struggled to shop for mine. At 5ft9 with a smaller waist but big bust and hips I very quickly found myself struggling to find lingerie, with many brands not going beyond a DD cup or onlyRead More

Yuzu and Honey Hot Cross Buns – A Recipe

March 26, 2018 Recipe
Yuzu hot cross buns recipe gluten-free

Whenever hot cross buns appear on the bakery shelves I know that Easter is not far away. These delicious spiced, sweet buns have always been a childhood favourite of mine, served warm with a very generous layer of butter. As with most breads they’re a labour of love and require time to prove and develop their flavours, make sure you set aside an afternoon, pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy making this traditional Easter treat slowly. I usedRead More

My top tips for contact lens wearers

March 25, 2018 Health and Fitness
Feel good contacts - tips for lens wearers

The day I got my first pair of glasses was magical. Although I desperately don’t want to reference Twilight here the book does describe the feeling of new sight so well when Bella first transitions to becoming a vampire and sees so clearly for the first time (Watch it here, skip to 3 minutes in). That’s how it felt to me, I was born again into a whole new world as if for the first time. That may sound veryRead More

My promise to the planet

March 23, 2018 Lifestyle
Earth Hour - my promise

For this year’s earth hour I am making a promise to the planet. A promise to use less plastic and find re-usable alternatives to common plastic products. By 2050 there could be more plastic in the sea than fish! Even time I visit my home-town seaside I see the effects of this first hand, from fishing wire to sweet wrappers, plastic bottles and tampon applicators these things litter our beaches and that’s just the stuff we see. Using less plastic seemsRead More

Fitness on demand with ESquared – a review

March 22, 2018 Health and Fitness, Review
Esquared review

I’ve only ever held a gym membership once in my life, an expensive twin membership with my mum to our local health club. We went religiously for about two months but eventually, our commitment dwindled until finally the direct debit was the only part of us still going. It turns out that my own experience is reflected throughout the UK with Brits spending £558 million each year on unused gym memberships and 1 in 10 saying they haven’t been forRead More

I’ve fallen in love with water

March 21, 2018 Favourites, Travel
I love water camber

71% of our beautiful planet is covered in water – growing up by the sea I never truly appreciated the wonder on my doorstep, until I moved away from it that is. Now I find myself going back there again and again just to soak up the sounds of the waves and the smell of the ocean air.  Water is such a vital part of our planet and is host to a diverse range of plants and animals that IRead More

Making the most of a small living space

March 19, 2018 Lifestyle
tiny house

When we see adverts for new kitchens, bathrooms and sofas they’re always set in vast spaces with sprawling counters and enough room for a football team. The reality for many, however, is much different. My kitchen and bathroom are little more than a cupboard in comparison, with enough space to make them functional but far from the showrooms advertised online. But having a small living space is coming back into fashion with micro-houses and van-lifers proving that living in littleRead More


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