September 2016

The Great British Summer

September 26, 2016 Uncategorized

We’re pretty hard on Summer here in England and I thought it about time to put foreword the 10 reasons why I love it, just the way it is. SURPRISE – Our Summer never lets us get bored of all that hot weather, she’s always on hand to sprinkle some entertainment or blow our socks off when we least expect it. CHARACTER BUILDING – My parents ensured that I got to go to the beach, even if it was raining…andRead More

Highgate Cemetery

September 20, 2016 Review

Otium, Otii –  At peace, leisure A little history:  The cemetery was initially established in 1839 by a private company as an answer to those seeking to bury their dead outside of church grounds and according to their own rites. To ensure that the upper classes were tempted away from the convenience of burying their loved ones at local churches the cemetery set out to be a place of architectural splendour and beauty.  However this profit making situation soon encountered aRead More


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I'm Sophia Whitham, a Classics graduate from Kings College London embarking on a journey into marketing with Kafoodle. A keen writer, foodie and traveller I have combined my interests into this little corner of the internet 🥂

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